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Who I am?

Hi my name is Simon Feldbein I am a Senior Media Designer / 3D Artist / based in Hannover, Germany where I studied Mediadesign at the University of Applied Science and Arts. I graduated as a Digital and Print Media Designer in 2011 from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in Cologne. I had a wide portfolio of design skills which could take me into many different sectors of business and advertising agency´s so I decided to get more involved in the CGI/3D production to get the most professional and impressive results out of my work samples.

What I do!

“Design is thinking made visual.” Saul Bass Design Quote perfectly describes what I do: My work samples includes a wide range of varied experience in the Media trade. Further I have ten years experience in mediadesign and extend my knowledge with digital, print, web, photodesign and 3D arts. I studied at Hochschule III Hanover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts", and graduated in 2016 as a Multimedia Designer. I freelance for several companies under the name Simdesigns and offer my services and refered skills.


Agencys worked with

I Encoway GmbH I

I Lenze GmbH I

I Toolport GmbH I

I Profizelt 24 GmbH I

I TBWA Worldwide I

I Integer I

I Metricminds GmbH I

I Globalshopper I

I Hana Jo International LLC I

I P. Langwost GmbH I

I Idee & Produktion GmbH I

I designbuero picto I

I Wissenswerft GmbH I

I Synatix GmbH I

I Be Columbus GmbH I

I Werbewerk GmbH I

I RLS Jakobsmeyer GmbH I

I Hinzmedia GmbH I

I Empire Hannover GmbH I

I Grins Marketing I

I Imm Lounge GmbH I

I Laserpix GmbH I

I Devtecs GmbH I

I Druck- und Werbehaus GbR I

I Plot.Point GbR I

I Eigenberg & Steindorf GbR I


I CompUtre Lmtd I

I Escrimeur Lmtd I

I Levira Lmtd I


I 3D Vizualization I


I PBR/Rendering I

I Augmented Reality I

I Virtual Reality I

I Real-Time Viz I

I Modelling I

I Shading/Texturing/UV I

I Lighting I

I Rendering I

I Animation I

I Post-Production /Image/Video I

I Webdesign Html/CSS I

I Screen Design I

I UX/UI Design I

I Corp. Design I

I Logodesign I

I Print/Layout I

I Picture Retouch I

I Packaging Design I

I Editorial Design I


I Autodesk Maya I

I Maxon Cinema 4D I

I Blender I

I Luxion Keyshot I

I Substance Painter I

I Adobe Master Collection I

I Unreal Engine (Basics) I

I Unity Engine (Basics) I

I ZBrush (Basics) I

I MODO (Basics) I

I Arnold Renderer I

I C4D Native / Physical Renderer I

I Keyshot Render I

I Mental Ray I