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CGI Describtion: Data-Preperation/Material/Shading/texturing/Scene Setup/Rendering/Lighting/Compositing Study: With the new features of Luxion Keyshot Render Stats: 5000 Samples /pro frame: 10-15 min on a 3D Worksation (GPU Rendering) Tools: HDR Light Studio: / Blender / Autodesk Maya / Keyshot / Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom / HDRI/ Environmentmap: Created in HDR Light Studio (3 Point Light) Adobe Photoshop: Final/Mulitpass/ Render-Layer Compositing 16Bit EXR, Adobe Lighroom: Color correction/tweaks & Adjustments Simdesigns Portfolio https://simdesigns.net/ 3D - Model: By by Luis Lara. Link: https://wirewheelsclub.com/ https://wirewheelsclub.com/models/1996-ferrari-550-maranello/ Disclaimer: This publication has no commercial connection to Ferrari and/or 550 Maranello , Trademark, It shall be perceived exclusively as a gratuitous and artistic post. All rights reserved by Ferrari Company, Logo, Trademark, Product.